Murder for Two

Showing at Cincinnati Playhouse at May 05 08:00:00 p.m..


Thompson Shelterhouse.

Who killed the great American novelist Arthur Whitney? Found dead in his isolated, rural mansion on the night of his surprise birthday party, every guest has a motivetheir dirty little secrets the unwilling and barely veiled subject of the authors bestsellers. Was the killer his loopy, scene-stealing widow? His overly curious niece? The too-friendly psychiatrist? Or the glamorous, but menacing, prima ballerina? One actor plays the overwhelmed detective while another takes on all of the suspects, creating a zany, musical comedy whodunit. Murder for Two is the perfect blend of music, mayhem and mystery guaranteed to keep you guessingand laughinguntil the very last note.

Ingenious a snazzy, vaudevillian double act. The New York Times

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